So, You've Started a New Business...Now What?


Congratulations–you've started a new venture! You're embarking on an exciting and rewarding journey filled with twists and turns. You've got something great to offer and there's a market waiting for you.

...What now?

To turn your dream into reality, you need customers. It takes two to tango. But in this hyper-competitive world, you have to cut through a lot of noise to reach your audience.

In the early phases of building your business, the questions are endless. How do I get the word out? What do I need first? Who should help? How much should I spend? All the uncertainty can be daunting, but simple solutions do exist.

We’ve worked with a lot (and I mean a lot) of new businesses over the years. They've ranged from new stores to tech ventures to non-profits, and have been in a variety of sectors. Over time, We’ve discovered the perfect mix of marketing efforts to get new ventures noticed.

4 Essentials for

Building a Marketing Foundation

By getting a few critical things right, you can set yourself up for long term success. You don't have to spend a fortune in the beginning. Instead, invest in efforts with high return.

The four essentials for successfully launching and marketing your new venture are:

  • Visual Identity

  • Web Presence

  • Print Collateral

  • Digital Marketing

Why start with these four efforts? Because these key pillars will allow new customers to find you, see proof that you're legitimate and start engaging with you.

Visual Identity

What's a visual identity? At its simplest, it's a logo—something that visually represents your business. A strong visual identity goes a little further by laying out the rules of your visual style. This includes fonts, illustration style, photography and color. When a skilled designer constructs your visual identity, you'll look more professional and more memorable.

Clarification: Branding or Brand Identity is often confused with a logo or visual identity. Branding is actually much bigger than just a logo. A well-crafted brand includes everything from the look of your venture, to the way you write, to the way you do business. It takes time and money to build an established brand, which is why we suggest new ventures begin with visual identity and grow from there.

Beginner mistakes: Not getting the scope right. New businesses often don't know how much to spend at the beginning. Make sure not to spend too much as you're figuring out exactly who you are, but spend enough to do it right.

Web Presence

What's a web presence? This one seems simple, but there's more to consider than you may think. It all starts with a website for your new venture. This is the home-base online for your business or organization. The site should be mobile friendly (responsive) and follow web standards. In early phases, keep it as simple and clear as possible. Avoid gi