Brand Vision: What is it, and why do you need one?

Do you struggle to find your ideal clients and grow your community?

How about defining what makes you different from everyone else within your niche?

Or how about deciding what you should be spending time on within your business?

This is why knowing and owning your brand vision can be extremely impactful.

Just some quick background information for those of you who aren’t extremely familiar with me yet, I believe branding is so much more than your logo.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs build minimal, meaningful brands through defining their Three V’s: vision, voice, and visuals.

Today, we’re focusing on that first V: vision.

Your most important V is your vision. Without a crystal-clear brand vision, you can’t truly define your voice and your visuals.

What is a brand vision anyway?

Your brand vision determines your business's foundational pieces. Your brand vision is made up of the building blocks that lay out the rest of your brand.

It’s the bottom of your pyramid. It’s the structure to your home’s exterior. It’s the bread to your peanut butter and jelly. Yep, I think you get the picture! Without that foundational layer, all of the other pieces would simply fall apart.

In order to make a big impact with your business, you need to define your brand vision.

Having a solid brand vision comes down to:

  • What you do and how it’s different from everyone else within your niche.

  • Who your ideal readers or clients are—and we’re not just talking a surface description, like “females in their mid-20’s and 30’s."

  • Where your people spend time and how to reach them. We’re talking details, like where she hangs out on the weekend and what her favorite catalog is.

  • Your purpose, your values, and your why. You know, those things that make you “YOU” and get you out of bed each morning happy to go to work.

  • Your brand story and owning it—both the struggles and the triumphs.

  • What success looks like to YOU within your business and life.

Why is Brand Vision Important?


Let this one sink in for a minute. A lot of new business owners like to gloss right over this key piece of their brand vision. They think, "I don't care who I'm attracting. I'll take any client that is willing to pay me for the work."

The reason I know this? Because I've been there. That was my mentality wh