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Are you prepared for your child’s return to school?

Whether you’re a parent of a kindergarten child or senior in college, there are always thoughts prior to the first day, that leave you wondering…, “Are WE ready?”, “Do they have the right supplies?” or “Have I acknowledged all those school emails prior to the first day?”

Back To School
Back To School

I know some children have already started school, however there are still some things your family can do to prepare. Either you’re preparing for the weeks/days leading up to or the first few days of school, here are 5 tips a smooth transition.

  1. Adjust sleep schedules: During the Summer we allow our children to be “children.” That means staying up a little longer for the young ones or really late for the older ones. Either accommodation means there needs to be a schedule modification at least 2 weeks prior to the start of school. (try saying that twice really fast!)

  2. School supply shopping: Some parents have a great eye for getting the supplies their children need and like, however you might want to consider including them in the decision making. Doing this, makes for an even more exciting first day, no matter how old they are!

  3. Homework, Homework, Homework: Yes…that too comes along with preparing for their return. Finding a location or “homework spot” for the younger ones, helps to develop a routine. For the middle and high school children, get into the habit, early of asking what subjects/tasks they have for homework or if they need assistance. Side note: Parents, I know certain work schedules may not permit this, however technology has come a long way…and between me and you, it’s okay to text and ask these questions.

  4. Proper preparation: Things might come up that you have no control of. These unforeseen “things” include host of scenarios, but let’s focus on sick kids and the ones that need just a little bit more help in school. For working parents, the 2 types of people you should consider researching are sitters and tutors. For things you do have control of (such as the need for before and/or after school care), make sure that’s taken care of in advance. You don’t want any school related stresses during the first couple of weeks.

  5. Get organized: This topic includes so many details, so I’ll try to keep it short and stick to the important ones. Parents, the school will send packets home for you to review, sign and return. Designate a location/table corner or the area you chose for your children to drop-off and pick up these items. Getting organized also includes developing schedules for cell phones, TV and video games. And last, develop evening routines that encourage your children to layout their school cloths and any essentials, the night before.

I hope this helps you and your family with a smooth transition into the first day. Please make this school year a great one.

I’m rooting for you!



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