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5 Ways To Devote Time To Being Creative in Your Business for the Week.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Some weekends it's okay to spend time thinking of projects for the upcoming week. In order to make best use of your time, you’ll need to remove certain distractions.

1. Close the door. As best you can, create a space where you can be creative and focus without having disturbances or having to worry about them.

2. Spend time de-cluttering a specific space in your home that brings you peace. This is helpful because it’s one less distraction your mind is focused on, while you’re preparing for projects or “what’s next” for your life.

3. Decorate It, once you’ve de-cluttered your space. What you’re doing is giving your “mind” something to focus on. And while you’re at decorating, it will make you feel good and want to spend more time in your work space or “distraction free” space to develop those Incredible ideas.

4. Experiment with music and silence. I’ve found that music sometimes boosts my creativity (soft wordless jazz or meditation music works best, but more often, silence is the way to go for me.)

5. Relax and Play: This by far works best to assist me when I’m taking time to prepare and think creatively for the upcoming week. This is very useful and a great use of your time. Go out and do something with your friends or family and just relax and have a lot of fun. Doing this for a day or an evening can recharge not only your creativity but also your motivation and general sense of well-being for days or weeks to come.

Working non-stop and never playing doesn’t work for success.

Have a great week!

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